Our History


Dan Lin, the founder of Fuzhou Shuanglin Color Printing, started his first job in Fuzhou as a salesperson in the cultural product industry. After several years of development, Mr. Lin has accumulated a lot of money in the industry. Network and experience, 3 years later, he used his savings to open a factory and start producing cultural products.


In the summer of 1995, his first venture failed due to production and management decisions, but he did not give up. After market research and exploration, in 1998, he established Fuzhou Shuanglin Color Printing Import and Export Co., Ltd. in Fuzhou, and then purchased Several vintage machines and hired 2 technicians. In the early days, Fuzhou Shuanglin's main business was the production and processing of packaging and printing products and the provision of secondary processing services. 


Due to the expansion of production scale, Fuzhou Shuanglin established a 1,000-square-meter factory in the eastern suburbs of Fuzhou and built a new factory area. And after 2008, it began to carry out sales business to the whole province and neighboring provinces. After several years of development, it has established a good partnership with some enterprises in the surrounding provinces. At the same time, in order to find new growth opportunities, Fuzhou Shuanglin Color Printing began to set up an international trade business team to seek good cooperation with enterprises in more countries.


In 2013, due to the needs of urban development planning, Shuanglin Color Printing moved to LianJiang County, Fuzhou. The business is not only involved in packaging and printing, but also began to produce paper-based environmental protection products, including OEM&ODM business, paper bags, paper boxes and paper cups. With excellent quality and service, Shuanglin Color Printing has developed rapidly. 


In 2021, Fuzhou Shuanglin Color Printing has become an excellent enterprise representative in the packaging and printing industry in China and even in the world. Its business spreads all over the world, and it occupies a considerable market in Europe and the United States. It has established long-term strategic cooperative relations with many enterprises in Europe and the United States. We hope to have active exchanges with customers from more countries, and firmly believe that the concept of two-way communication, positive learning attitude and excellent products and services are the secret to the success of Shuanglin Color Printing.